expiration date

expiration date

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So much can happen. Did you know that the average human will shed his/her skin within 45 – 60 days? Does this mean that I become a new man about every 2 months? But I think what actually happens is that I’m becoming a new man every moment. Time is a killer. The fun I experienced yesterday tubing down a mountain, or the peace this morning sitting in a coffee shop in Winter Park watching the snow fall, or even just the jolly chatter experienced less than an hour ago with people in the back of the airplane on the way home… have all become historical moments. Gone. Here’s something: “For, of course, to have a history means losing part of your reality (because it has already slipped away into the past) and not yet having another part (because it is still in the future): in fact having nothing but the tiny little present, which has gone before you can speak about it.” [Lewis, C.S., Mere Christianity pg. 171]

~ by micahnova on February 24, 2008.

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