fly away

fly away

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“There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” people often say. Well, today is that “extra” day of the year at least, but what if people got that extra day in the week that they think would make all the difference in getting more accomplished? I think we would be sadly disappointed to find out that this extra day is filled up with all the same nonsense just like any other day. So what to do? I’m not entirely sure myself. I don’t want to turn this blog into some kind of “helpful answers to life” blog that I don’t even follow myself. I put stuff off. I watch YouTube when I should be doing my taxes (**shudder**). On that day off work that I told myself, “I’m going to get so much done today!” I sleep in. I’m thinking like this today because it is, in fact, my day off work and its also that extra day in the year that certain scientific instruments have blessed us with. So what am I going to do today? “Same thing we do every day, Pinky…”

~ by micahnova on February 29, 2008.

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