the past

the past
Originally uploaded by micahnova

Picture, if you will, a very high mountain that you are climbing (with the help of a dirt bike). There are lots of people milling about around the base, but the crowd thins out to only a few the further up you go. Finally, as you reach the top, you are the only one around, and there is a forest before you. You ride through the forest and into a clearing to find a sandy beach, and spreading out as far as you can see, is the ocean. You get off your bike and sit in the sand letting the waves gently roll in over your toes. After soaking it up for awhile, you take a better look at your surroundings and see a house near the edge of the forest. You go back and enter the house. You find yourself on the second floor, and its dark inside– and again– no one is around. You go downstairs to the lower floor. The house is kind of dreary, so you go out the front door, only to find yourself at the bottom of the mountain again with all of the people, cars, and traffic.

~ by micahnova on March 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “the past”

  1. Hmmm.. A dream? A riddle? A metaphor?

  2. A dream I had, but modified to be a guided meditation.

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