flight of the malamute

flight of the malamute

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EDM Challenge #52 states, “Draw a dog and journal about your dog relationships.” Well, when I was about 4 years old, I prayed every day, “Dear Jesus, I would really like a black and white dog.” Then one day I went into my backyard and what was chained up but a beautiful and big Alaskan Malamute, my first pet. She was very scared and barking like mad, but my dad said, “Go ahead, untie her. She’s not going to bite you.” So I went over and promptly got bit in the face, rushed to the hospital, and received stitches on my upper lip (I have the scar to prove it). I remember getting an orange popsicle at the hospital for not crying during the procedure. But things got much better after our initial meeting. This dog protected me like I was the president or something. I have many stories about her, but I’ll just tell one:

Again, around the same time, I was going outside to feed her when I discovered another dog eating out of my dog’s supper dish. My dog was lounging somewhere nearby, uncaring. I went back inside and told my mom. “Just go back out and tell that other dog, ‘shoo dog, shoo!’ and it will go away.” So I did. “Shoo, dog, shoo!” but it didn’t go away. A little leery of new strange dogs, I went back in and told mom that it didn’t work. “Say it louder this time, ‘Shoo, dog, shoo!'” was my mom’s response. So I went back out. “Shoo, dog, shoo! SHOO DOG SHOO!” but no matter how loud I got, the dog wouldn’t go away. Frustrated, I started to cry. As soon as I started crying, my dog got up from her nap, came over, picked the other dog up by the neck with her mouth, and gave it a good shake. The other dog dropped dead at her feet. I have no recollection of this story (this is how its told to me by my mom), but she claims that when she saw what was happening, she came running out to protect me from the violent scene I was witnessing, afraid I might not take it too well. When she approached, I was standing there starring at my Alaskan malamute saying in a low 4 year old voice, “I have a biiiiig dog.”

~ by micahnova on March 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “flight of the malamute”

  1. Enjoyed your entry and the rest of your blog. Looking forward to more postings.

  2. Hi Micah — As a fellow dog lover I can really appreciate your stories. And thank you for adding my blog to your sidebar. – Barbara, the happy fool

  3. I’d never heard the “shoo-dog-shoo” story before, Micah! That is really funny!

  4. I love the drawing and the story that goes with it!

  5. I came across your post, while looking for whatever I could find about Alaskan Malamutes, as I’ve recently adopted one and thought I might write a little about him.

    Your story is so sweet, and I love the drawing as well! Now if I can figure out how to link your post, when I finished writing mine (I’m new to WP) all will be well.

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