from a messy bog

from a messy bog

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The Price is Right. I used to watch that with my grandpa during summer breaks or if I stayed home sick from school. He watched that show religiously. He would turn it up really loud because he couldn’t hear very well and refused to get used to using hearing aids. He would argue with Bob Barker over the prices… sometimes with a lot of conviction if he thought they had inflated what he thought the price actually should have been. The Price is Right is a loud show to begin with, and when the volume on the television is turned up, it’s quite a commotion. I watched it with him, not because I liked the show, but because the house was filled with the cacophony of afternoon game show noise, and I’d be in bed with a cold and realize I wasn’t going to get any sleep during Grandpa’s show. So I would join him in the living room. I liked the big vertical wheel everybody had to spin. It was like a side-ways Wheel of Fortune. I’m still not sure what the whole point of the show is. People have to think of prices of stuff. I guess that’s challenging, I don’t know. But I think if someone were to have walked into the game show theater and announced, “Hey, the price isn’t right, the price is variable based upon the rate of inflation,” that might have been a real awkward moment for Bob and the girls.

~ by micahnova on April 1, 2008.

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