practicing his turns

practicing his turns

Originally uploaded by micahnova

Good posture.
Small steps, keeping your thighs together.
Back steps are small brush-by steps.
Never use thumbs / don’t squeeze the hands, slightly curl fingertips for contact.
Knees slightly bent. Weight forward on the balls of your feet.
Man’s right hand between the lady’s shoulder blades. Left hand waist level, neutral area.
Lady’s left hand on point of man’s shoulder. Right hand waist level, neutral area.
Ladies stay in the slot– Man moves out and gives her the right-of-way.
Don’t look at your feet. Look at your partner and SMILE.
Bodies should be slightly apart at a “V” position for basic closed position.
In open position, stay close together, elbows should bend in an “L” shape.
Keep your weight off your heels, especially when turning.
Hand movements (cross-over, turns, etc.) start and end a the waist.
Resistance, Resistance, Resistance.
Dance on the “down” beat of the music.
Dancing is easier with hard soled smooth bottom shoes.
HAVE FUN – It’s just dancing – no more, no less.

~ by micahnova on April 12, 2008.

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