morning fog in a quarry

morning fog in a quarry

Originally uploaded by micahnova

His regular morning jog took him right by the old Herschfeld quarry. The view was deceptive at that time of day because the fog would often rise only a few feet below the path, and one wouldn’t know that an ominous hole gaped out beneath it for miles and miles. That void, sleeping under a thick white blanket, had taken quite a few lives over the years. Why hadn’t the state of California demanded that Old Man Herschfeld create a fence around the danger? Perhaps it was a bill pending in state congress. Occasionally, our jogger friend would accidentally kick a stone off the edge and hear the rock bounce echoed “CRACK, POP, –” and then nothing to follow as it fell under the covers into the arms of

~ by micahnova on April 13, 2008.

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