bridge burner’s retrospective

Not used to earthquakes in St. Louis (of all things!) I jumped out of bed this morning around 4:30 thinking a tornado was the cause of the shaking apartment. Then when the grogginess of sleep left me and I saw that my computer desk was still shaking, it occurred to me that this might be why I’ve been having dizzy spells for the past week or so. My co workers probably remember me feeling almost sea sick yesterday around lunch time, and were joking that I was faint with hunger (but I continued to feel that way well after lunch even after my trip to Office Max and back). So there’s nothing wrong with me… it was just a 5.4 earthquake on the way to the mid west. What a relief. So I guess chalk this one up with the bazzillions of blogs written by sensitive dizzy earthquake people. I always knew I was a super sensitive person.

~ by micahnova on April 18, 2008.

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