donkey in an Ethiopian valley

A father and son lead a donkey to market and are stopped along the way by different people who give their opinion on the proper way to travel. The first is a Catholic priest who tells the father to displace his son (who has an ambiguous illness) from the donkey so that the son can get exercise while the father rests. The donkey is very small, and so it makes for comedy as the father rides on its back keeping his feet up behind him like a kid on a bike too small for his stature. After taking suggestions from a few others along their journey (including a hilarious moment where the man must carry the donkey on his back), father and son decide to trust their gut and travel as they feel they should. As son rides the donkey and the father leads the way, various other people still give their opinions unsolicited, but this time the father and son smile and continue on as they are. [a summary of the Ethiopian film, “Menge”)

~ by micahnova on April 26, 2008.

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