and comes the lowly birthday cake

On May 9′th, 1977 at 5:10pm, I was born in an old house in St. Charles Missouri. 11,323 days later– or 271,752 hours later– or 16,305,120 minutes later– or 978,307,200 seconds later, here I sit in my apartment– 29.58 miles from my birthplace. Gosh, I haven’t moved very far in 31 years! But I guess that’s pretty typical behavior in these here parts. Its somehow ironic that plants, which can’t pick up and move themselves, commonly send their seedlings to distant lands (across oceans, even). And here I sit when I have legs to move me.

On another note entirely, I went to the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center last night and saw Megafaun, a wonderful expressionistic band of 3 bearded men from Durham, PA. I loved how they would smile and look at each other just before beginning a song in acapella… as if they were all sharing the fondest of memories with a simple glance. Then they would tear into a riff with unexpected fury (which explained the duck tape on the one guy’s guitar strap), then shift gears entirely before you could begin to stomp your foot to that beloved beat they just killed. These “baby killers” put on a great show and the audience were all right there with them… a great moment to share. I’m glad I was there. Click on my Muxtape to sample a listen, and then buy their CD, “Bury the Square,” from Radium- Table of the Elements.

~ by micahnova on May 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “and comes the lowly birthday cake”

  1. Great drawing! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Great piece of cake, I guess I will do one for my BD which is in a couple of weeks also

  3. Wow, now that is a piece of birthday cake. Happy Day!

  4. Cool cake! And I am a child of ’77 too.

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