visions in the lagoon

visions in the lagoon

Originally uploaded by micahnova

It was during his daily walk along the marina. He told everyone he knew about what he saw- the Great Monster. But very few folks paid him any mind. After all, his track record for other things he had seen out there– alien space craft, mermaids, ghosts, pirate ships, Jesus, his son (God rest his soul)– were never confirmed by other witnesses. Old friends grew tired of his stories and mostly avoided him any more. Their pity for him and his loss had been worn down by so many stories, and so they would tell him to meet them at such-in-such tavern only to go to another. Over the years, his daily walks along the marina remained consistent, and every morning, just as the fog and the morning sun would meet and ignite one another, he would see something he forever struggled to describe to anyone who would listen.

~ by micahnova on May 13, 2008.

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