the tiger sun fish god

the tiger sun fish god

Originally uploaded by micahnova

After many hours of fasting and meditating, delirious from hunger, Poncho found himself shrunken down to the size of a tad poll and transported to the bottom of the fish tank where he met– for the first time– the great tiger sun fish god, Humuhumm.

“Is it really you, Humuhumm, the one I have sought these many hours?”

“Yes, it is I,” replied Humuhumm. “Gaze upon me, your heart’s desire. I am your god. This moment is yours. Bask in my warm and juicy glow. I am your bite-sized morsel, now larger then any chompable plump goodness that you have ever dreamed about. I am that perfectly elusive plush toy you seek to pounce upon. Desire your desire.”

[EDM Challenge #166: draw a fish]

~ by micahnova on May 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “the tiger sun fish god”

  1. Oh, this is so good. Words and picture.

  2. Love this one! Too Cute!

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