crossing over a bridge

crossing over a bridge

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Wanted to mention a video installation recently experienced at the St. Louis Art Museum: Lærke Lauta’s “the Accident.” Beautifully haunting piece, a character has gone missing as other characters are looking for and calling out to– what sounds to be the name “Benedicte,” but I’m not totally sure. The film’s colours work mostly with the yellow raincoat and periwinkle blue skirt the girl is wearing, and the red boat. Fog is used quite a bit in the marina or quarry panel, while the other primarily sticks with autumn tones. The boat drifts untethered through all of the time frames and scenes carrying its passenger most of the time (but not always). Most of the time, I felt intimidated and “looked at” by this beautiful character’s face looking directly at the camera. But the longer this went on, the more I began to accept this staring contest. As if a ghost should suddenly appear in my apartment, I would be taken aback at first, but if the specter lingered for a few minutes there would be a point of acceptance (“should I offer you some tea?”). Here too, the character remained calm, the presentation as well, and– consequently– so did I. To me, it did not seem to be a completely bad thing that the character had gone missing to the others. On the one hand, yes, it definitely brought to mind all of the horrible things heard about children who have gone missing. But this film went a little further then that theme for me, and it spoke to me of a life of one who was simply following the course of things which took her out of and away from the care and comfort of a previous and familiar setting. This interpretation, of course, speaks more to my life’s experience up to this point then it does to what the artist’s intent may have been, but that’s okay. Because my thoughts and feelings went this direction while watching the film, I felt like weeping when the climax of the film is reached and the character is found on the shore in a different incarnation. Why did I feel moved to tears? I haven’t quite figured that out, but I am suddenly reminded of a scribbled quote on a scrap of paper which reads, “If you can continue to stay [in the boat] then you will once again experience things that you thought were gone forever.”

If you live in St. Louis and it is not yet 27.07.08, please do not click the link below. Go experience this for yourself in Gallery 301. If you are not in St. Louis, then alas, you must see it so small and far away on your crappy computer monitor:
the accident

~ by micahnova on June 6, 2008.

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