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Once there was this Viking Guy named Clarence
Who set sail to find his long dead parents
He sailed high and he sailed low
I bet you wonder, just where he’ll go
Just where he’ll go…. out

This drawing was kind of an after-thought to the song I wrote and recorded under my alias, “Silent Skies.” The song is called “The Viking and the Sea Monster,” and it can be heard by clicking on my Muxtape page. I’m performing it with the puppets today at the OLTA Art and Craft fair. Wish me luck!

~ by micahnova on June 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “out”

  1. I’m having difficulty with the Muxtape link: http://muxtape.com/organize. It directs me to login or create an account. Do you have a Muxtape permlink which is particular to your account which one could follow?



  2. Whoops! Good catch, Michael. I’ve fixed the link. Try it now, or click the Muxtape link in the side bar under “Micah Sites.”

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