ancient avalanche

ancient avalanche

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On the edge of a cliff over-looking the gorged Mississippi river and on to the far away land of Illinois, I sat, walked, sketched, read, and slept in silence for three days. My, but that was just what I needed! I was on a retreat at the White House. No, not THE White House with Presidents and what-not, but a house that was indeed painted white, but run by St. Louis Jesuits who host many silent retreats throughout the year there (this being one of them). Not being Catholic, I wondered how this would go, but I really had a swell time. Interesting trivia fact is that the plot of land that this resort is on was considered, at one time in the midst of our Great War, an alternative spot to bring the dwellings of the President and crew in case Washington DC came under the threat of invasion. It was one of many spots considered, and nothing ever came of it– of course– but the consideration. Hence the name. So what does a man who has spent three days in silence have to say to the world? Well, uh… not much, I guess. Except maybe I could tell you that I thought today’s Pearl’s Before Swine comic was freaking hilarious. For serious. Go read it now.

~ by micahnova on June 15, 2008.

One Response to “ancient avalanche”

  1. Pearls before Swine was so dumb! I’m still laughing and grinning!

    Nice ancient avalanche!

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