gelato preferito

gelato preferito

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EDM Challenge #171: Draw some ice cream

So I’ve returned from Cincinnati. Oh, what a lovely little business trip that was. I got to teach swing dancing to co-workers. I ate Graeter’s chocolate ice cream with hot fudge poured over it. My flight home was delayed 2 hours, then we waited on the plane for another 20 minutes only to hear the pilot finally tell us, “Sorry, folks, this airline has really gone down hill. I’m going to ask that you all get off the plane and wait outside some more.” I saw lightning in the sky below us during our flight. That was kind of cool. Reminded me of my childhood, flying in a helicopter over the Missouri River with streaks of lightning pouring down around us. I survived then, and I survived now as well. This was just a mere inconvenience to be late. Today, there are no Big Deals.

~ by micahnova on June 27, 2008.

One Response to “gelato preferito”

  1. Having grown up in Cincinnati I know what a treat Graeter’s ice cream is. Nice drawing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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