walking barefoot in the mud

walking barefoot in the mud

Originally uploaded by micahnova

After checking my Gmail (yo), I sometimes glance at the automated ads that pop up along the sidebar based on the text that I’ve used during my correspondence with people. One day, my choice of words fished out an ad offering me and my blog something like “rich semantic text guaranteed to generate more hits.” I didn’t know what to make of this. Was the Google ad generator giving me a compliment by making this ad appear, or was it telling me that my use of the English language was bland and needed a good peppering? And now I’m thinking that I may be the only one ever to take offense by something like this. Talk about being super-sensitive! Sheesh. So what IS the point of generating random beautiful text to get people to click on one’s blog? What is the point of making something if one is simply going to allow someone or something else to make it for them? Its like going to a party and hiring a personal “friend-maker” to be fun, happy, and easy-going for you so that you will generate hits. Does this work? If anyone needs one of these, I’m willing to be hired for a small fee. I’ll even get out on the dance floor for you if necessary.

~ by micahnova on August 23, 2008.

One Response to “walking barefoot in the mud”

  1. My family probably would appreciate me hiring someone to be me at a party. I love to visit with family. The last time I did I had everyone looking at my blog and art journal. Maybe that’s why they might like me to hire you! LOL

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