city on a timetable

city on a timetable

Originally uploaded by micahnova

Just an intersection I happen to cross every day on my way to work. This represents only my memory of the place since I did not sit down and draw it from life (I’ve only done maybe 2 Trudger drawings partially from life so far). If you know St. Louis in the USA state of Missouri, this is the south end of Kingshighway and Chippewah (as if you were standing on the eastern end of Chippewah).

~ by micahnova on August 26, 2008.

One Response to “city on a timetable”

  1. This is why I live in the country! I get up when it’s light enough or the dogs wake me and I go to bed when I am tired. But I miss the city for all the variety of shops and restaurants.

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