learning how to dance

learning how to dance

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Today you get 2 landscapes for the price of 1! Such a deal.

A very good question was asked in the comments of my blog recently: Where do all the trudgers go? At present, they don’t go anywhere too terribly exciting. I put them in a drawer in a portable storage unit next to my kitchen table. The plan is to amass enough of these little drawings in order to create an installation piece for a gallery. I want to tack them side-by-side to a gallery wall, and I want them to cover the entire wall in order to appear as a giant patchwork quilt of sorts. So if anyone knows of a gallery in their area that might be privy to this idea, please let me know!

~ by micahnova on August 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “learning how to dance”

  1. Visitor looks friendly. Why do we always assume aliens wouldn’t be?

  2. No gallery where I live. All we’ve got is WalMart. Yeah, I know it’s not a gallery but that’s as close as you’ll come.

    Good idea for all your pictures though. Hope you find a gallery. Personally, I can see each one on a large square of white or black card lined up patchwork style like you said. Then you’d really be drawn in to each one. Everyone has their own style though and hopefully a gallery will let you have it your way.

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