scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

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Forgot to mention that I walked around the Clayton Art Fair this past weekend. I must admit that I’m a fair weather fair goer, and have skipped it in recent years due to extreme heat or rain or both. This year the weather was perfect, and so there I was. Art fairs are kind of like browsing through Flickr accounts, but in real life with a whole bunch of other people standing in your way, and you get exercise. Two artist’s booths that stood out to me from all the others happened to both be from St. Louis. Check out Geoff Buddie’s 3D collage and Sarah Giannobile’s paintings and drawings. Geoff Buddie’s combination of such extreme textures as wool and stone could have been enough, but his eye for design goes beyond the usual art fair fair (ahem). Fantastic mobiles, wall-mounted blocks, and sculpture with a fantastic sense of whimsy. Sarah Giannobile’s work appears to be full of symbols and calligraphy of her own invention. The work is repetitious of theme without falling into predictable patterns and symmetry. I like the exploratory element in her work. Check these artist’s websites out if you have the time this morning.

~ by micahnova on September 8, 2008.

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  1. You write in an appealing way. I had a taste of the fair without being there. Thanks for the memories.

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