exercise on art hill

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In St. Louis, we have a tradition in the winter when it snows to use the hill in front of the art museum as a place to sled and party. St. Louisans bring their kids to this spot and watch them zip down the hill while they warm themselves by the oil drum pit fires at the top. It may look as though a sledder might fly out into the basin lake, but the city puts bales of hay at the base of the hill to prevent that from happening. This hill looks steeper than the actual Art Hill as well. During the warm months, people use the hill for their intense exercise programs, or to fly small model air planes and such. Paddle boats often float by in the lake as well, and there is sometimes a “Paddle with your Pooch” boat race involving dog lovers, their dog, and the paddle boat. There’s always something to see in Forest Park. If you look closely, you can just make out the statue of St. Louis making ready his horse to launch out over the Grand Basin. The St. Louis Art Museum was the first place I saw works by some of my favorite painters of the Spanish Baroque as well as the modern expressionists. I also saw a traveling exhibit here many years ago on the work of Ray and Charles Eames which awoke in me a love for good design and collecting. Come and visit some day!

~ by micahnova on September 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “exercise on art hill”

  1. Nice one!

  2. I love this sketch. The water is beautiful. BTW, it’s “bales of hay.”

  3. Thanks for the spell-check, Michael, and sorry I missed your call today.

  4. This seems a little more detailed than most of your pics. A nice sparkle to the bunch.

  5. This looks very inviting. I like the reflections on and in the water.

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