the slow descent of a red square

Ever consider skydiving? I’ve thought about it. I don’t think I would balk at the jumping out of the plane part or the pulling of the rip chord or anything… I just don’t like all of the “what if’s” involved. I mean, I like the idea of skydiving, but I also like the idea of not plunging to my death any time soon. Some people jump at the chance (no pun intended) to take their lives into their own hands. In a sense, I guess I do that every day when I venture out onto Kingshighway. But really, any more than that and I’m thinking I’m asking for it. If life is such a precious gift, why throw it out the side of an airplane with nothing but fabric and string to keep it from bouncing off the hood of somebody’s Kia? Guess I’m just not one of those people.

|EDM Challenge #183: Draw something dangerous|

~ by micahnova on September 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “the slow descent of a red square”

  1. Nope – I like my feet flat on the ground! Just before my 50th birthday I did go parasailing in Mexico, and while the view was beautiful, I was terrified the whole time. Must be thte Capricorn in me.

  2. I’m sure it must be amazing – but I feel like you, I won’t tempt the devil. Life is too precious. Nice drawing, lovely and poetical!

  3. I can’t imagine jumping out of an airplane. The very thought of it terrifies me. I was even afraid of diving head-first into a swimming pool from the water’s edge. When I was in high school, my best friend Paul coached me, helping me to rotate my body as I prepared to enter the pool. Once I was able to enter the pool head-first (more diagonally than vertically), I wasn’t quite so afraid of diving in. Years later at age 30, Paul was killed in a skydiving accident. The lines of his parachute had tangled with those of another skydiver.

  4. I agree. Getting on the highway is dangerous enough that it should satisfy any need for dangerous living. I get my thrills out of trying new art or cooking stuff. Boring to some, not to me and it is a lot safer (especially since I gave up most of the fried foods).

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