by the manzanita

by the manzanita

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It took me awhile, but I finally figured out the whole “RSS / ATOM” feed thing. WordPress wasn’t making it easy like Blogger, to simply click on an Atom feed link to subscribe to a blog, and it’s because they wanted me to rise to their level of intelligence over the whole matter. And really, it is quite simple. So I’ve added an RSS Trudger widget in my taskbar for you in case you want to take an easier route to my blog. Michael showed me how Trudger appears on his iPod feed reader, and it was pretty nice! I personally like Google Reader for reading the various blogs I like to keep up with. It gives Trudger the traditional white background format that I have had a tendency to prefer without having to change my current theme design. Well, that’s enough geekiness for one day, I think. Better get back to sorting my Magic cards.

~ by micahnova on October 3, 2008.

One Response to “by the manzanita”

  1. Geekiness huh. I still don’t get the whole RSS thing and I’ve had it explained and looked it up on help and end up sending most stuff to “my yahoo”. I’m sure it’s easier than several years ago but think how it will be in the future!

    I love manzanita. It’s a pretty bush and is lovely wood too.

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