the enchanted lands of northern missouri

It fascinates me, for some reason, that I’ve lived in the same state of the Union my whole life, but I have not set foot in over half of it. Missouri has 114 counties and 1 independent city (St. Louis is the only “count/city” in the United States… leave it to us to do that). The Missouri River basically bi-sects the state from Kansas City to St. Louis where it dumps into the Mississippi. South of this line lie the Ozark Mountains, the Mark Twain National Forest, as well as the state capitol of Jefferson City. I’ve been all over the south of this state, camping, hiking, visiting with friends. North of this line, I’ve visited Hannibal (the home-town of Mark Twain) once during a grade-school field trip to visit his house. Other than that visit, I’ve looked north in wonder… who lives up there? Elves? Hobbits? I can only imagine…

~ by micahnova on October 31, 2008.

One Response to “the enchanted lands of northern missouri”

  1. Very nice. I like your story that goes with it but this is just a nice design by itself.

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