stroll through the park

stroll through the park

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Election Day, for me, is a lot like Christmas Eve. Since I typically don’t watch anything on TV (since I don’t have one), I vote, then go to bed, and wake up the next morning to check and see what kind of President I’ll get. And– just like Christmas presents– sometimes I get what I want and sometimes I don’t. This year, I’m happy to say, I got the President I wanted. Not being a loyal follower of any American political party (I do, after all, live in the swing state and take swing dance classes), I was hoping for one, but working on readying myself for acceptance of the other. I think Barack Obama will make for a darn fine President. If this isn’t a happy Christmas for you, well… all I can say is that I hope you can work on acceptance as well. And perhaps, the present you wanted might be waiting for you in four years, who knows. 🙂

~ by micahnova on November 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “stroll through the park”

  1. No TV either and like the stroll through the park!

  2. That’s a nice way to put it. (I’m one of the happy ones, but I like the way you considered it).

  3. I am an ecstatic one but I think most of those who are not so happy now will be in a year from now when all the nastiness of the election is proved untrue and they see a great mind and heart at work.

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