another morning

another morning

Originally uploaded by micahnova

Don’t forget to SEIZE THE DAY, fellow Trudgers!

~ by micahnova on November 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “another morning”

  1. Thanks for comment on mine. I really like these; remind me of xkcd cartoons.

  2. I like the title which gives me my thought for tomorrow. Another day is nothing to be sneezed at really yet we really don’t take the time to notice how, yes – it IS another day!

  3. Thanks, both of you.
    Nexi, I’m not familiar wth xkcd, but will check them out.

    Timaree, if you like this version of “another morning,” you might also want to view Trudger drawings from 2/25, 3/12, 6/14, and 9/23 of the same name. Its my most common title for the series so far.

  4. i like this, an empty morning fresh and new.

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