glimpses of the fast track (from the slow path)

Artist Charles Eames once was asked about his work, “Were you ever forced to accept compromises?” He thought a moment then responded, “I don’t remember ever being forced to accept compromises, but I have always willingly accepted constraints.” I look at today’s drawing, a blurry smear of red and blue representing the hint of a fast locomotive rumbling by and remember that originally, I had attempted to draw an image of a train, hated what I did, and then considered throwing this away and starting again. But then I thought, “I wonder what would happen if I took my gum eraser to what I’ve done in this spot?” Images of the Futurists suddenly sprang to mind as I began working at it with renewed vigor. Did I compromise out of laziness… not wanting to start again and continue my original quest for the perfect drawing of a train, or did I willingly accept the constraint of the moment, and continue on with the experiment? I am constantly facing this sort of dilemma on a daily basis. How about you? Are you about to face your day willingly accepting whatever constraints await you?

~ by micahnova on November 8, 2008.

One Response to “glimpses of the fast track (from the slow path)”

  1. I think it’s more like not giving up if there is any possibility of success. I’m working away at one single xmas card for a swap that’s giving me fits because of the constraints and timetable but were it not for the timetable (which is one constraint) I probably wouldn’t get it done at all.

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