normal conversation

normal conversation

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Went to a SLIFF movie after work called “Opera Jawa.” An artsy Indonesian film. At least half the audience walked out before the film was finished, but I stayed for the whole thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was about a young couple that get married, but their fate is predicted by the priest as destined to be like the fabled Sinta and Rama (a different take on Adam and Eve, basically). The economy goes south and war breaks out. The husband is away trying to sell his earthenware while his wife is slowly being seduced by a member of the local aristocracy. She never gives in, but is caught away upon her husband’s return for which he kills her out of jealousy in the end. A sad ending, but the music and the visuals were stunning throughout. The dialogue and action moved very slowly because of the pace of the music, and I think it was probably too slow and confusing for American audiences. It still surprised me so many people walked out. It was the St. Louis International Film Festival after-all… were they not aware?

~ by micahnova on November 19, 2008.

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