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Sheesh! I almost forgot about the Trudge today. I’m all for metaphors, but that’s more than what I had in mind for symbolic representation concerning the discipline of prayer.

On another note, I saw the American Expressionist show at the St. Louis Art Museum today. I was disappointed in the show, really. Two de Koonings, Two Pollocks, two Krasners, one Rothko… The show kept the emphasis on the critics Greenberg and Rosenberg as well as the public’s reaction to the movement at the time. A large wing of the space was taken up by news clippings, film, and ephemera surrounding the movement. All well and good to see a Jackson Pollock jigsaw puzzle in a curio case, but I’d much rather have seen a third Pollock painting in the show… or even a second Rothko (I know… call me crazy). I did enjoy the few gems that were displayed, and probably spent a lot more time getting intimate with a few individual pieces, but it was a lot like chocolate: one or two won’t do. I want it all.

Hours of Prayer | Part 2 of 8

~ by micahnova on December 7, 2008.

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