putting on speed

putting on speed

Originally uploaded by micahnova

Re-mixing a Trudger drawing doesn’t happen very often, but my 11/24 drawing stunk. I had this idea to stretch some red fabric across a landscape with a cyclist riding alongside, but it had some serious design flaws. I frequently make the mistake of drawing a line from one corner of my box to the other, diagonally… why do I do that? It’s a losing battle from that point on, but I work hard to make it work anyway. Today I looked at that drawing and thought, “Why not just throw this out?” And so I went back to the drawing board and whipped this out. So this is one of those rare days where you are viewing the picture I drew today. But I’ve got the day off from work and had the time to do it while I await the arrival of my new contemporary love seat and couch. Here is a snapshot of the 11/24 attempt.

On another note, Lauren the Cartoon Goddess posted a link to an amazing basement remodeling job that I’ve so got to do if I ever get my basement finished. Look at the panorama HERE.

~ by micahnova on December 24, 2008.

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