moon descending

moon descending

Originally uploaded by micahnova

Happy New Year’s Eve! People in the break room were complaining about how they get unwanted kisses from friends at parties every year. This being the only thing that causes them to not like this holiday, I’ve thought up a few solutions for making this a better holiday for anyone in a similar predicament:
1. Say, “I don’t want your kisses, you creep,” and smile so your friends know you still like them.
2. Apply makeup at a spot on your lip to appear like a canker sore. Apply lots of them in case your friends are daft.
3. Carry a small battery around with you throughout the evening. Hold up in front of your lips as the friend approaches and jam it in their mouth. They are sure to feel the chemistry between the two of you, for sure.
4. Stay at home and get some sleep. Let the smoochers have their fun without you.
Depending upon whether your friends take hints well or not, I’m sure one of these would make a good solution to whomever you are dealing with. Enjoy your day…

~ by micahnova on December 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “moon descending”

  1. Hey Micah, I’ve particularly enjoyed the last three drawings. I like Imprint because I’m intrigued and keep studying it. I like Crackle because of that beautiful orange glow that comes off the page. Very nice. Had a good laugh at the spray painted Mac’s too. You look like a certain hermit who sent unpleasant things through the mail in that photo!

  2. i’m digging numero three! that is mondo skill!
    skills on toast 🙂

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