groundbreaker and skyscraper

groundbreaker and skyscraper

Originally uploaded by micahnova

Happy New Day! Today is a new day. Isn’t it wonderful to get a new one every 24 hours? What will you do with it? Have you already decided it will turn out a certain way, or is your catcher’s mitt open and ready for whatever is thrown at you? I try my best to play a good game of catch, but sometimes I’m distracted and then a big cabbage salad smacks me in the face… whoops! Back to the present. On my list of things to do today include: finishing a presentation for work, going to a friends house for food and dance, a pot-luck dinner tonight with other friends, scoop the cat litter, practice guitar, do another Trudger drawing. Concerning my plans for the year: I have nothing on the books. Guess I’ll just work on taking life as it gets thrown. And I do like a good cabbage salad.

~ by micahnova on January 1, 2009.

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