ode to the desert mariner

ode to the desert mariner

Originally uploaded by micahnova

If you know anything about the drawings of J. Ryan Buller, you have undoubtedly seen bits of the unfolding tale of the sub-sub desert mariner, but I got to thinking: if there’s a sub-sub, then why don’t we ever hear about just the sub, or even the regular old supra desert mariner? So here he is: the superficial desert mariner. His wanderings are quite shallow, as you can see.

Today is the landmark moment for my goal: It is exactly 1 year to the date that I began the Trudger project. You won’t see the final drawing for another month since I built up 30 drawings before beginning the blog (and then only published 1 per day rather than uploading the 30 back logged drawings), so I will continue to publish the last month’s worth of work a day at a time so you can watch it come to conclusion. I began this project at Whole Foods Market in a small sketchbook while taking a break from my “real” art work at the studio. It’s funny how these side-projects sometimes grow into the center of attention monsters that they are. I’m thinking about taking my lunch out to Whole Foods again today just to celebrate the accomplishment of the daily trudge, by journeying back to the starting point. Maybe I’ll get a slice of pizza AND some gelato.

~ by micahnova on January 19, 2009.

One Response to “ode to the desert mariner”

  1. Congratulations Micah on your year long journey. This is a very fine drawing. I can see how much daily drawing has stretched you and grown your drawing abilities and you serious play.

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