sideways elevator

sideways elevator

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Once I stayed in an old hotel with a movie theater (similar to the Chase Park Plaza) with my mother and sister. Except for after hours, the elevators were usually attended by an operator. One sleepless night, I got up to take a walk and entered the elevator on my own. To my surprise, it had an up, down, and a sideways button. Out of curiosity, I pushed the sideways button and everything shook as I was thrown against the wall. When the doors opened, I saw I was still in the hotel but it was somehow different. Everything was in terrible disrepair. There were several ragged and dirty people waiting in the lobby (presumably “wrong button pushers” like myself). One of them told me that we were all to be taken some place by the Elevator Operator. Somehow, I escaped this rabble by hiding in a small room with nails pointing in from the walls at me. I waited in this room of pain while the Elevator Operator searched for me, gave up, and finally got back on the elevator to herd the rest of the lot somewhere else. I stepped out of this room and tried the elevator again. However, this time when I pressed the sideways button, it only took me to where everyone else had gone before me. I was now on the roof of the building which expanded into a small snowy countryside. The others were marching towards some kind of camp. It wasn’t a labor camp. It seemed more like a rehearsal for some kind of play, or a game that they were being forced to learn and perform. At this point, my elevator became more of a cable car, and I flew it across the fields amongst everyone and created quite a disruption. I was chased by the Elevator Operator and his cronies but not caught. Eventually I escaped entirely, and I flew my elevator back to my world alone.

~ by micahnova on January 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “sideways elevator”

  1. HI — I follow your blog regularly. What size paper do you use? Are your drawings in a sketchbook or loose? Just curious!

  2. true story?

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