what was jettisoned

what was jettisoned

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Today is Friday the 13’th and tomorrow is Valentines day, so let’s love each other all spooky-like. Here are a few things to do on Valentines Day with your Valentine or BY YOURSELF! That’s right… this is all-inclusive, because we all know you single people without a Valentine are just not loving someone this year because you’re cutting expenses in a tough economy. So… dinner on Valentines day for 2 a little pricey? How about for 1? Much smarter. I knew you’d see it my way. So here we go:
1. Take your girl to the boat show (just kidding.. here we go for real now)
1. Take Grandma out with you for dinner
2. Call 5 friends or family members and tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life
3. Volunteer to walk dogs and feed baby kittens at your local Stray Rescue site
4. Ignore Valentines Day altogether. After all, this is all Hallmark’s doing. If you don’t like business-generated holidays, ignore it and just do what you normally do on Saturday
5. Go dancing (yes, you can go stag… I’ve done quite a bit of this. So TAKE COURAGE AND GO!)
6. Go see Micah’s Trudger Art Show hanging in the Murdoch Perk (yeah… you should have known that was coming!)
7. Stand on the street corner and hand out heart stickers to passersby.
8. Vacuum out your car and create a scrapbook of all the junk you find
9. Go over to Celeste’s house and give a big slobbery kiss to a baby.
10. Go to a mall and stick home-made valentines cards under people’s windshield wipers. The front of the card should have a heart on it, and the inside should read, “I don’t really love you, but here’s a valentines day card anyway” or “You are just one of the many victims of a gratuitous valentines day card in this parking lot.”

The one thing you should NOT (I repeat) NOT do on Valentines Day is join the mindless hordes of people out there staying at home playing old 45’s and feeling sorry for themselves. Don’t do it. There, now make your plans, and have a great weekend.

~ by micahnova on February 13, 2009.

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