walking down a hill

walking down a hill

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Tomorrow, February 17’th, is the final day of the Trudger Project. Rather than make this a sad occasion, let’s party! If you’ve ever followed my Daily Trudger drawing project over the past year and would like to stop by and post a comment, then tomorrow would be the day to do it.

Some statistics: over the past 365 days of daily drawings posted, the Trudger blog averaged 428 views per month (about 12 visits per day). The month with the least amount of visits was July 2008 with 303 viewings, and the most was October 2008 with 746. The busiest day was October 1’st with 113 visits on that day alone. The most viewed daily drawing was September 30’th, “Slow Descent of a Red Square.” People finding the blog through links mostly clicked from my website, and the top 3 blogs that gave me the most traffic were Barbara’s “One Happy Fool,” Ann’s “Blue Bird Hill,” and Aneta’s “Progress not Perfection” blog. I want to thank all those bloggers (most of them are in my sidebar) that tagged the Trudger Project on their blog. Also, I can’t prove this, but I have the feeling the person who gave me the most feedback through comments was Miss Timaree of the “Freebirdsings” blog. Thanks also to the Every Day Matters and Focus 11 groups for all the enthusiastic encouragement. Thank you for your support. :). Thanks to Andrea Joseph for contacting me in order to trade This Drawing for her June 15’th 2007 drawing. I’m sure it went to a good home, and it’s the only Trudger drawing that won’t be originally displayed in the big show I have yet to have. I also want to thank fans and friends who mainly just checked out the Trudger drawings through Flickr. There are many, and its overwhelming me to even think about who all to mention. But thanks to all friends, family, and space cadets for your comments and encouragement.

Some of the funny things people did searches for in search engines, and then clicked on my blog to see what I had for them: sad girl sketches (the most), hiccups, drawing of a plateau, crop duster cartoon art, happy goodbye pictures, 8-bit operators, and hate-filled cats. I hope they all found what they were looking for.

So there it is. See you all tomorrow for the going away party for the Trudge!

~ by micahnova on February 16, 2009.

One Response to “walking down a hill”

  1. Oh. I’ve got a rather sad feeling that I’ve just stumbled across something great when it’s going away. I’m not sure how, but this has managed to completely pass me by, so I may have to spend a few hours trawling back through your drawings! I love the ones I’ve seen so far (2 pages of them) – such a feeling of solitary tranquility. It’s a bit like looking at Edward Hopper pictures – do you know what I mean? Of course it’s also like going for a walk by yourself, which is always a joy but you rarely get the wonderful variety of scenery that you’ve given us here!

    I do wish I’d found you earlier. Oh well, it’s not like the pictures are going anywhere, is it? So it’s party time then!

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